Welcome to Downtown Los Angeles!

Join us and our partner companies as we hop from speakeasy to speakeasy, some of which operated as real speakeasies during Prohibition. Our founders will share their personal story of entrepreneurship while we walk through secret doors and hallways to enjoy craft cocktails in a nice, intimate setting. We will get a complete tour of each speakeasy, with plenty of opportunities for pictures.

Speakeasies include:

  • The Queensberry
  • Bar Alta
  • El Dorado
  • Crane’s Bar
  • Birds & Bees
  • The Association
  • Rhythm Room
  • The Edison
  • The Varnish
  • Bar Jackalope
  • Slipper Clutch

Founders include:

Our founders are the next leaders of Silicon Beach. We feature founders that have gone through multiple exits, have been through Y Combinator (some even twice!), and have raised over millions of dollars for their respective Companies.

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