“…If the dusty adage that states, ‘The people who run Los Angeles belong to The Jonathan Club; the people who own Los Angeles belong to The California Club’ is correct, then the people who own and run Hollywood are well represented at Soho House.”

MICHAEL VENTRE, LA Confidential Magazine, 2012

Whether the above adage is true or not, Downtown is home to some of the most exclusive clubs in Los Angeles, especially with the recent addition of the Soho Warehouse in the Arts District. Join us on a tour of these old and new, luxurious and exclusive private clubs. We’ll take you on a full tour of each building, accompanied by a representative from each respective club, who will share its history, amenities, ballrooms, facilities, upcoming events and notable members. At the end of the tour, we will get an opportunity to relax at one of the clubs below and taste a little bit of the high life.

LAAC Reading Room. 1896.

If you are looking to join in the ranks of one of these exclusive clubs or looking for a wedding venue, then this is the perfect tour for you –  Book Your Tour Now!

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not book this tour if you are not interested in club membership or if you are not looking for an event venue, out of respect for club members and staff – these clubs are member’s only establishments. This is not a day-pass for the spa. Please respect our Downtown partners!